Wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boiler

Wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boiler produced by Zhongzheng steam boiler manufacturer is a 6-ton WNS series natural gas steam boiler, mainly composed of boiler body, steam water system, instrument, energy saver, condenser, connecting flue, burner, etc. Clean combustion, pollution-free emission, convenient operation and sufficient output.

The wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boiler produced by Zhongzheng steam boiler manufacturer adopts the three return energy-saving structure, which is horizontal equipment as a whole, and it belongs to the fast installation factory. Whether from the perspective of customer demand or from the perspective of design and manufacturing of Zhongzheng steam boiler manufacturer, the production of wns6-1.0-y (Q) industrial boiler produced by Zhongzheng steam boiler manufacturer is faster than that of large-scale fluidized bed boiler Quite a lot.

Operation cost of wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boiler of Zhongzheng steam boiler manufacturer:

I. construction cost of boiler house and related material cost

The construction of wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boiler house belongs to the category of civil engineering. The construction of general boilers needs to meet the requirements of relevant standards. In addition, the cost of water treatment drugs, slag remover, ash remover, reducing agent, lubricant, etc. provided in the boiler house will be apportioned to 6 tons of wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boilers per ton according to the annual total consumption discount, so it is generally included in the accounting as a fixed cost To cost.

Fuel cost of boiler

Fuel is the power for the operation of wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boiler, which is the second largest expense in addition to the boiler purchase expense. The fuel combustion expense can be calculated by the product of the actual consumption and the unit fuel price. The fuel cost of wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boiler is generally related to the fuel type, fuel price and fuel quality, and the transportation expense also needs to be included. Therefore, in the operation of the boiler, choosing the right fuel is the key.

III. boiler maintenance and depreciation cost

Just like people can't avoid getting sick, some failures of the running boiler are inevitable, so the maintenance cost of the boiler is also an unavoidable cost. At the same time, as a special equipment, the boiler generally needs to be repaired once a year, and it needs to be overhauled every 2-3 years, and these costs are also included in the operation cost.

In addition, the depreciation period of wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boiler is generally 10-20 years, and the annual depreciation rate can be calculated as 6% - 12%, which is also apportioned to the operation cost of wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boiler.

IV. water and electricity cost

Water and electricity cost is also a cost of boiler operation. Generally, the electricity charge in boiler operation is calculated by the product of electricity price and power meter. For the unit that uses the pressure difference between the boiler and the steam consuming department to generate power through the pressure difference of the back pressure turbine generator unit, its electricity price can be calculated according to the generation cost, and the water fee can be calculated according to the product of the water meter reading and the unit price.

V. labor and other miscellaneous expenses

In addition, the salary of the personnel in the boiler room and related management expenses are also an expense of wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boiler.

Wns6-1.0-y (q) industrial boiler, a wholly-owned private enterprise, has been committed to the manufacturing and R & D of industrial boilers. At present, the company has held A-class boiler manufacturing license, Br II class pressure vessel manufacturing license, American ASME standard "s" (power boiler), u (pressure vessel) license stamp and many other international certifications. For details, you can consult online customer service or call 13506151202 hotline. For details, please contact online customer service or email 1584930263@qq.com.

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